Tulsa Rally for Trump Sparks Fear in Elite

Political -parasite class Blasted by Sarah Palin



SITREP by OK Q2  –  Oathkeepers:

Media coverage continues to minimize crowd sizes —  emphasize inflammatory images…

Will southern primary election victories be enough to nominate Donal Trump ?


Donald Trump supporters attempt to get the presidential candidate’s signature after his rally at the Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa on Wednesday, January 20th, 2016. IAN MAULE/Tulsa World

The Republican National Committee is planning for a brokered convention to the primary  results.  Delegates will be the key as always  —

Do you know where your precinct and county conventions are meeting , Oklahoma?

( watch for links here and at Oklahoma Grassroots Project on Facebook — Precinct organization meeting for Grassroots OK  Friday, January 22 — 7 a.m.  @ IHOP   on 71st — more details here later —  ( Tulsa 9/12  group  meet-up )

What can We the People do to ensure Trump delivers on promises to secure border ?

Oklahoma must elect a new congress — fire Senator James Lankford, Mitch McConnell’s pal) sand the crony Congressmen who keep spending and fail to impeach. Candidate search is underway in OKlahoma to replace Lankford.   ( see Facebook  Teaparty pages)

See the Trump Accountability Project OK  at www.Facebook.com/rjbarnett (search Trump Accountability Project OK )

more to come  …