Is Trump Crazy Like a Fox, Strategic Thinking Outside the Box?

What makes sense of the Syrian mess, when engaged in Geopolitical Chess?  [updated for Winter 2018 ]


Context is everything, dear reader, so let’s look behind the scenery before tossing the Donald– the Trumpster– into the dumpster.  (then see link below for a 2018 update on meddling in Syria and the posturing of the US Neo/Zio-Con Establishment at the U.N.)

While Thursday night’s assault on a Syrian airfield and military assets  turned the tables on many of Trump’s globalist critics, the overt act of war throws his true conservative base into turmoil.   The pretext of responding to a suspicious chemical assault is an  absolute contradiction of Trump’s staunch anti-war triumph over the Clinton-McCain cabal.   Even if  the mild-mannered Mr. al-Assad did such a deed,  inside his own sovereign country, and the Mossad or Saudi-backed ISIS forces are somehow innocent of the crime, what did al-Assad have to gain by a self-destructive act that prompts a photo-optic outrage?  Such a blunder only plays into the hands of his  enemies, namely the globalists, Israel and the Saudis.

What other parties might gain from such a deed, and what possible advantages can Trump take from this risky business of lawless intrigue as the US faces its own monetary crises of debt  and economic predicaments?  Context and timing reveal the answer.

The most strategic and threatening enemy America faces was landing on our shores the same day this convenient pretext of humanitarian outrage in Syria was spreading its noxious fumes through the Fakestream Media.  Can this be merely a coincidence?  As FDR once said, if it happens in politics, it’s no accident. And it’s not Putin’s Russia that threatens American interests across the imperial world of commercial and natural resource contention and control, but the Chinese communists , our largest creditors,  whom President Trump must address from a position of power and unpredictability this weekend.

And so, how effective was that maneuver, keeping the red Premier  Xi Jinping waiting around for an hour until his appearance for dinner with an apology for the diversion of launching 59 cruise missiles on Syria?  The economic gains could outweigh his declining credibility with the Tea Party and Republican Right as troops are deployed abroad.  He has three years to recover for  2020, if he finds the necessary leverage on the Korean peninsula and over Pacific trade matters to sustain a recovery.

While awaiting more news as the Middle East gambit unfolds, the ball is in Putin’s court to be played most carefully in order to preserve Russia’s strategic oil and gas interests on the Syrian plains, as the Saudis, Israel and the MOSSAD need the destabilizing forces of ISIS revived to work their wicked ways.

Patience and restraint is the challenge for American Patriots distressed by Trump’s actions as  he deals with China, and sets a course to navigate the narrows of global depression and recover the American preeminence squandered by Obama, Clinton and the Bushes’ deployment of a New World Order.

U.S. Advancing Lies at the U.N. for Globalism?


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