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Randy Barnett and his wife and best friend, Suzie, have been married for 28 years, and together they have 4 adult children (2 ORU graduates) and another at OSU. He is a member of  Grace Community Church.

Randy was born and raised in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He is a graduate from OSU with double major in Economics and Political Science.  He served his country with United States Marine Corps where served as a pilot & Intel Officer.  After the military Randy earned a Master of Arts degree in Public Policy at Regent University. He is currently the tri-county coordinator for Oath keepers, a member of Gunowners of America, and OK2A.

Randy Barnett owns and operates a commercial sign company, Midwest Sign Works, which celebrated 21 years of business in 2014. His experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner includes image design, basic marketing, and business planning with hundreds of customers from advanced technologies in various industries.

He holds an Oklahoma Teachers License and has spent over 5 years and 500 hours in junior and senior high school classrooms teaching social studies, science and a full range of subjects. As an adjunct professor at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, he has taught upper level Political Science as well as Government and Geography. He has coached a variety sports teams for his son and daughters.

Randy has served on numerous Republican campaigns, always supporting the America First – Reagan wing of the party, serving as a policy and issues adviser for GOP candidates committed to Constitutional standards and defending the Bill of Rights. Randy has served as precinct chair in the Republican Party. When asked why he decided to file and run for this office, he said, “I love Liberty and I love my community. My life experiences and education have given me a unique understanding of the needs of District 10. I will inform my constituents of what is going on and take their feedback to the State Capitol.”

Randy Barnett has demonstrated character traits of humility, honesty, embracing the truth with a strong backbone. Always motivated, called to serve the people of House District 10, he will protect the rights of the people and work to downsize government while keeping faithful to his oath of office.

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