Questions for the Offended: What Remedy for a Crisis- Clinton’s Global Cabal or Trump’s Nationalist Renewal?

Four grueling years ago,  the DC-Wall Street Two-Party Axis imposed a horrible choice upon the American people:

The moderate Mitt ROMNEY,  Vulture Capitalist,  vs.  Barry Soetoro-Obama,  the flashy subversive Socialist, a closet Muslim ( and who knows what else).



Although Texas Congressman Ron Paul energized the Republican Liberty movement by packing hundreds of arenas with millions of young, enthusiastic supporters, the US Corporate Media assisted the neo-Conservative  cabal of Bush-Rove-Romney in splitting the vote from one primary to the next, covering up the subterfuge, and squandering this vital new wave of potential  life-long Republican advocates and reformers.

Paul Campaign

Who can deny the  engineering of Romney’s nomination by Bush/Rove-RNC-US Corporate Media complex through dirty deals from the Iowa switch-a-roo all the way to Tampa?    (Remember how Senator Santorum bailed out with that flimsy family illness excuse?)


Then, who can forget Romney throwing the fight by losing 2 of 3 debates?   Did Mitt take a dive for the CFR’s man, Barak Hussein Obama, and the espionage operation known as the Clinton Global Initiative?  Did the Bush-banker crime cartel place him there to ensure the New World Order, declared by George H.W. Bush on  9/ 11/ 1990, would prevail ?

BUsh-NWO 9-11  Bush-NWO

BUT THIS Year a champion arose to take on the US Corporate Media complex and bust down their electronic Berlin Wall of distraction, diversion, and political correctness.

The American people rallied to the sound of a Trump.  We watched  a street brawler  emerge from the GOP pack as the standard bearer for a return to the America First battle cry of the Reagan years.


Donald Trump and select spokesmen exposed the globalist connections of the CFR-dominated /Goldman-Sachs banker cartel behind the other leading contenders (namely, Boy Marco Rubio, Canadian Ted Cruz, & the floundering Jeb Bush).

Reagan-Trump Insider Exposes Bush-Clinton CabalBush Crime Family

Roger Stone has faithfully exposed the Bush-Clinton cabal in two powerful books –  “Jeb!”  and “the Clinton’s War on Women”.

To appreciate the depth of collusion between the two political wings of the Establishment, Democrats & Republicans, one must ignore the US Corporate Media and do his own research.  ( please click headline  above to hear how actions by Romney & the Republican National Committee compelled Stone to quit the GOP in 2012 — and discover how Romney voted against Reagan in 1980 and how the Clinton crime wave of the 90’s was covered up by a hell-bent Hillary.)


Donald Trump confidante Roger Stone shown here with President Reagan, c. 1984

In opposition to the Establishment 2-party complex, Trump denounced their destructive trade policies and attracted millions of new voters to the Republican Party.   Like Reagan in 1980, Trump has won the hearts of  blue-collar Democrats, Independents and working class Americans  across the racial spectrum.


STILL,  some offended Conservatives who rightfully suspect Trump for past business deals and associations with Democrats are opposing the Republican nominee.  Their pain and  disappointment with the two-party process is evident, and who can blame them?   “The Donald” is not an ideologically-driven Conservative, to say the least.  But he is an enterprising pragmatist, a bold Nationalist, and a champion for a strong, but conservative deployment of military forces.  Trump’s growing faith in Christ is no surprise, as many evangelicals have rallied to his side, revealing a measure of grace not seen before

Nevertheless, many conservative Christians have fallen into a theocratic deception through indoctrination and a religious motive that falsely defines our national faith in God by its devotion to foreign allegiances that undermine American sovereignty.  Under

march of tyranny

Click w/ SHIFT key to hear Insider expose Bush_Clinton

influence by the Vatican,  the City of London and Tel Aviv,  American families have sacrificed untold blood and treasure in foreign misadventures that benefit no one but greedy politicians,  the military –industrial complex and ambitious foreign potentates.

The human cost of these wars has produced a  staggering suicide rate,  exceeding 20 daily among US veterans, not to mention hundreds of thousands of dead in the Middle East, so that the ranks of ISIS, migrant armies invading the West ensures economic crisis and cultural devastation.

If you  are sitting out the election, or not VOTING for the Republican nominee for President this year, because you’re a “highly- principled” Christian man or woman–  let me ask you a few questions:

Did you vote for Mitt Romney in 2012, and thereby overlook his numerous and well-known sins against the Reagan orthodoxy of the Republican party?

Can you forgive those who have offended your political and theocratic passions,  including the angry Trumpkins, these zealous pro-Americans  who have called out Ted Cruz for his campaign misdeeds and Establishment connections ?

Donald Trump supporters attempt to get the presidential candidate's signature after his rally at the Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa on Wednesday, January 20th, 2016. IAN MAULE/Tulsa World

Donald Trump supporters attempt to get the presidential candidate’s signature after his rally at the Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa on Wednesday, January 20th, 2016. IAN MAULE/Tulsa World

If not, would you possibly ask your Father God to give you the wisdom and a heart to choose the best course of action to prevent your country’s ultimate demise under a Hill-Billy Clinton presidency?

Do you believe America would survive another 4 to 8 years under the reign of this certified criminal cabal — should we risk such a tyranny as the Clintons commanding  the Pentagon and naming 3 to 4 more supreme Court judges, as pundits like Glenn Beck would have us do ?


Is it worth the darkest American future  to spite a  nominee like Donald Trump by not voting for him, as some kind of salve on your offended sense of propriety?

Can you break free of the bitterness that blinds us to the possibilities and abundance that Jesus tells us are available without limits under God?

The hour is late…  but is it too late for a genuine change of heart to bring healing to our land?


And finally, if  I have offended anyone over the past year, in my zeal of opposing the satanic New World Order and the secret societies (denounced by JFK)  behind Bush and Clinton and Obama since 1988,  let me ask your forgiveness…

We are Americans by grace with untold ability and faith to overcome our mortal enemies through prayer and revelation, if we pursue and accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the instruction of the living Word.

heal-our-land USA


Let God bless every American, of every creed and persuasion, while we still have time to repent  of our unbelief and renew our trust in divine Providence.