Tulsa Rally for Trump Sparks Fear in Elite

Political -parasite class Blasted by Sarah Palin



SITREP by OK Q2  –  Oathkeepers:

Media coverage continues to minimize crowd sizes —  emphasize inflammatory images…

Will southern primary election victories be enough to nominate Donal Trump ?


Donald Trump supporters attempt to get the presidential candidate’s signature after his rally at the Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa on Wednesday, January 20th, 2016. IAN MAULE/Tulsa World

The Republican National Committee is planning for a brokered convention to the primary  results.  Delegates will be the key as always  —

Do you know where your precinct and county conventions are meeting , Oklahoma?

( watch for links here and at Oklahoma Grassroots Project on Facebook — Precinct organization meeting for Grassroots OK  Friday, January 22 — 7 a.m.  @ IHOP   on 71st — more details here later —  ( Tulsa 9/12  group  meet-up )

What can We the People do to ensure Trump delivers on promises to secure border ?

Oklahoma must elect a new congress — fire Senator James Lankford, Mitch McConnell’s pal) sand the crony Congressmen who keep spending and fail to impeach. Candidate search is underway in OKlahoma to replace Lankford.   ( see Facebook  Teaparty pages)

See the Trump Accountability Project OK  at www.Facebook.com/rjbarnett (search Trump Accountability Project OK )

more to come  …

Gun Owners of America PVF Endorses Randy Barnett for House District 10 & Notes a 100% Score

GOA PVF Endorsement

GOA - Political Victory Fund

Political Victory Fund for GOA

Excerpted from the letter above:

Gun Owners of America is a no compromise organization, and we were pleased to see that you have a solid understanding behind the legal and historical intent of the Second Amendment as set by our Founding Fathers.  This made clear by your 100% score on the GOA candidate questionnaire.  

Our nation is in desperate need of principled leaders like yourself, and your service in the Oklahoma Legislature will be invaluable in defense of the Second Amendment.

Mr. Barnett and his team are most honored by this vote of confidence from our friends at Gun Owners of America.  We deeply appreciate their faithfulness in serving as watchdogs on the hill and encouraging grassroots activism armed with solid information on matters facing the nation relative to our precious second amendment rights.

Permalink: https://rjbarnett.wordpress.com/2014/06/21/gun-owners-of-america-pvf/

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