Randy Barnett asks Governor Fallin to Sign HB 3399 to Repeal Common Core

Randall J. Barnett

108 Elmhurst Court

Bartlesville, Oklahoma  74006  


The Honorable Mary Fallin

Governor of the State of Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

4  June 2014


“If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security.”

— Samuel Adams

Dear Governor Fallin,

Recently both chambers at the capitol passed HB 3399 and sent it to your desk to sign.

The People have spoken clearly. We agree with the wisdom of the Constitution which opposes a centralized establishment of Education of any kind for any purpose.

Surely you have seen that both the People and our own Republican party’s platform are crystal clear about reducing bureaucratic obligations, eliminating national mandates and pursuing genuine forms of local and parental control of education.

Resisting the will of the people by delaying approval, consulting with lawyers and national proponents of the Common Core agenda, serves to widen the divide and deepen distrust of Oklahomans for their government.

I know this was not a favored bill of yours, but you can turn the situation for good by acknowledging the real conflicts, signing HB 3399 and opening a new dialogue.  Let’s work together to restore Oklahoma’s future to the families and teachers who desire excellence within the rightful framework. Let’s encourage innovation within the classrooms and among the schools by cutting federal strings and doing what makes sense for Oklahoma, and setting a standard for all areas of government by restoring Education to its original purpose and design.

We must let go of past diversions and join with the spirit and intent of the legislation. Let’s eliminate the “Common Core” elements in their various forms. Oklahoma has a national role to fulfill as a model of innovation and cooperative action to which other states may aspire.

Our nation faces a growing crisis, yet Oklahoma remains as a beacon of hope in the heartland. Please reassume the leadership by signing HB 3399 immediately and moving ahead.

Let’s get back to basics by honoring the will of the People, of parents and the local schools in order to serve the best interests of Oklahoma families.

For Life and Liberty,

Randy Barnett

Candidate for State Representative, HD 10
Marine Corps veteran/Oathkeeper

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