Vets League Serves Voters

A NEW Sheriff is Coming to Town — How will voters decide who leads in defending and serving the People?

For decades the League of Women Voters (LWV) has served the democratic process of elections, and too often their Left-leaning bias in favor of expanding the role of government has affected both questions asked and public perceptions of candidates.

As an active Oathkeeper who believes in the limited Constitutional rule of law, I believe Oklahoma voters need to hear from the candidates in a forum addressing questions from a perspective that emphasizes individual liberties with justice as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

Therefore, it is hereby proposed for Oklahoma and its various electoral districts that a new League be established for the benefit of the People — a League of Veteran Elders– loyal to the constitutional and sovereign republican trust originally bequeathed to each of the states.

Veterans and Elder statesman who have served and proven loyalty to God and country for the cause of liberty alone should be engaged with the duties of guarding and restoring integrity to our institutions — before the republican form of government is lost forever.

During the last century, our system has been undermined by corruption through academic schemes in public schools and universities, through corporate PACs, and hard-Left organization within the democratic process of voting.

A NEW Standard for Highlighting the Sheriff’s Race –Tulsa County Offers Test Case & Opportunity

Now we ask, who can best frame the debate and present the issues for candidates to discuss their principles for peacekeeping and upholding constitutional priorities?

Surely, those who have placed their lives on the line, those who have sworn to protect and defend the Republic against all enemies foreign and domestic.  Because Oath Keepers does not have a partisan view, I believe it’s time for veterans who believe in defending the Bill of Rights, in accordance with their oath of military service, to consider how we regard our mission in light of the present threat and crisis within the republic.


We believe it’s time for those who have served to step into the public square to offer a superior forum in which candidates for holding office in the public trust can be heard. (Oathkeepers also believe in neighborhood defense, in self-government to restore order in times of upheaval — please see the Community Preparedness Team (CPT) concept/mission on-line.)

And we support Americans’ 1st Amendment right to hear from all candidates via a free and independent media in order to get a well-balanced inquiry on matters of Constitutional importance and integrity in order to improve accountability.

The League that Betrays American Sovereignty

The slogan used by the LWV contains a telling flaw.  You can see it here below, which the LVW proudly highlights in RED.  The very presumption that America has been converted into a “DEMOCRACY” ought to alert discerning voters to an overarching problem.

Does the LWV  prefer a Democracy to a Republic ?

No where in the Constitution will you find “democracy” stated or supported as a form of government. Yet, by a clever slight of hand, we find this influential group promoting a view that is deceptive and foreign to American values and principles.  Viewing our Constitutional Republic as a “DEMOCRACY” reveals the long-running agenda of the Democrat Left and the Eastern Establishment “RINO” Republicans to steal the government — that is, Self-government — from the People.

IN the coming election year, please join Oklahoma veterans in defending the republic by sharing information, by attending a forum, and supporting us through social media (like the Facebook page to be presented soon).   In light of federal overreach under the Bush-Clinton-Obama surveillance state, the Tulsa County campaign may be the last chance for the People to restore integrity to law enforcement and revive justice for the People.


“Most recently, the League has been a vociferous opponent of school vouchers and laws requiring photo identification to vote.” — Capital Research Center article

For those interested,  the League in Washington County chose not to publish the responses of the conservative veteran candidate in the OK House District 10 race in their newspaper ad.  Yet, they did publish the answers on their website.  This gave the appearance in their newspaper ad that only one candidate responded.  It was my conclusion that the League of Women Voters’ took advantage of a barely-late submission to prevent the public from a full presentation and hearing of the more conservative and experienced Republican in that race.

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