the MAP- Mutual Assistance Pact

USA-UN flag

Mutual Security and Local Geo-politics vs. Occupation by United Nations Regulations And Troops (UN RATs)

Arms -war

It is unknown how many regulations and foreign entanglements have been adopted and advanced by the Obama, Bush, and Clinton regimes. But every American family, public school, and local government is deeply affected by a vast web of bureaucratic measures, executive orders and multi-national agreements (treaties).

Effective resistance to this UNlawful,  UNconstitutional occupation of the UNited States requires that local networks in neighboring states, such as Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana, must prepare to assist one another.  To succeed in our mission, we must get inside the enemy’s mind to view our territory as he does.


This is how the UN, our compromised US military planners, and foreign troops view their regional (federal) zones of occupation.  (click link above )

Appreciating the mission and role of the county sheriff, and supporting your Sheriff with a Constitutional posse of 1000 well-regulated families, including men at arms, local pastors and committees of correspondence (intel)  will serve to overthrow their despotic rule.

Be mindful that the United Nations  Declaration of Universal Rights offers everything except the most critical single aspect of family preservation and guarantee of personal freedom —   the basic recognition of our unalienable right to keep and bear arms. If any church or school fails to recognize this fact and to teach it freely, then it’s past time to leave them.  And it’s time to recover with a renewal of local responsibility and training for security and defense of the Republic.

Knowledge of counties & boundaries, to include the key officials in each county and state legislative district will prove CRITICAL in preparing for seasons of distress and upheaval.  The Oklahoma Family Safety Councils has emerged an off-shoot of Oathkeepers to prepare with the Oklahoma Grassroots  Project.

Watch for the second national release of “Amerigeddon” – the feature film showing a local (rural) family  responding to a UN takeover strategy triggered by an EMP weapon  (electromagnetic pulse).   Clip from Film


In the northernmost part of  FEMA Region 6 is OK  State Legislative District 10, which borders on Kansas in southern FEMA Region 7.  For example District 10 includes towns and cities in three counties.:

District 10 includes Nowata County, northern segment of Washington County and northeastern segment of Osage County (details and map below).

In the coming months, establishing a rally point for security elements of the Constitutional posse can easily  follow the polling locations.

Washington County:  including part of Bartlesville, Dewey, and Copan (northern segment — precincts and polling places listed below.

48 East Bartlesville Christian Church
     3221 E Tuxedo Blvd. Annex
51 East Cross United Methodist Church
     820 SE Madison Blvd
62 First Church of God
     222 S Osage Dewey
13 Highland Park Baptist Church
     300 SE Washington Blvd
46 Oak Park Methodist Church
     601 NW Brentwood Ave
15 Spruce Avenue Baptist Church
     300 NE Spruce Ave
711 Silver Lake Baptist Church
       3541 SE Washington Blvd
27 Trinity Baptist Church (including Circle Mountain)
     1500 SW Oak Ave

Nowata County
South Coffeyville, Alluwe, Wann, Lenapah, Nowata, Delaware, Ochelata, Ramona

Osage County (northeastern segment) includes Bowring and Osage Hills School Precincts.

HD10 Reduced

HD10 Reduced (pdf format downloadable)

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